Will CBD Oil Help With Gout?

Gout is one of the subtypes of arthritis that is usually a result of one being overweight or obese. With the kind of lifestyle that most people live nowadays in America, it’s no wonder that the number of patients suffering from gout continues to be on the increase. Gout is usually characterized by a buildup of uric acid within the joints. These buildup ends up forming into needle-like crystals which causes pain, inflammation, swelling, and tenderness.

Anyone that has suffered from gout knows first-hand how uncomfortable, debilitating and painful it can be. Although the usual over the counter medications are usually effective, most people (especially the elderly) are unable to consume them due to interaction with other medication they are taking or liver complications.

As such, there are thousands of people out there that are suffering silently through the pain caused by gout and using medication to block out the pain that has a risk of side effects and dangerous contraindications. Those seeking natural alternatives to their medication may have by now heard of the wonders that CBD oil has been doing for arthritis.

While there hasn’t been any specific trial that has been done on CBD for gout, there has been extremely positive research on different types of arthritis and inflammation-induced joint pain. That means that there are inferences that can be drawn to the ability of cannabidiol in helping fight gout through the natural functions as an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and an immune response booster.

How Does CBD Oil Alleviate Gout?

Like we mentioned earlier, there hasn’t been any single research or clinical trial that has been done on cannabidiol for gout. Nevertheless, there has been a significant amount of publications that have been done on CBD for arthritis that include both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, which is essentially an autoimmune condition.

And like both types of arthritis, gout is also categorized as a result of some immune system deficiency as the localized tissues get attacked resulting in intense pain and inflammation. Thankfully, it is known to have potent pain-suppression characteristics. In addition, there are little to no side effects when using CBD products and is therefore safe to use over a long period. And unlike the THC compound also found in the marijuana plant, CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound.

Because gout is also characterized by inflammation especially during an acute attack, research on cannabidiol has shown that it is an anti-inflammatory compound that soothes inflammation and helps to quiet a hyperactive immune system which are both important in the treatment of any form of arthritis. With the relief from pain and inflammation, it’s easy to see how it works to help with gout.

While predicting a gout flare-up is close to impossible, most people have found that preventive maintenance can help with the gout symptoms when they occur. It’s given that lifestyle changes can significantly help, but so can daily supplements of cannabidiol for gout. If you are decided on using CBD oil for managing the gout attacks, ensure you talk to your doctor or physician especially if you’re already on gout medication.