Modern Electric Toothbrush Innovations and Technologies

My dentist tried hard to encourage me to get me take care of my teeth; nonetheless I was an adamant person who could just toss some mint into my mouth during several occasions and disappear into thin air. However, things turned haywire. I had sensitive teeth, then cavities and even after I did an expensive root canal. It was too late and my tooth was beyond repair. As painful as it was the only remaining option was tooth extraction!

Where the Electric Toothbrush Started

Let me tell you some plain truth, tooth cavities, gingivitis and tooth sensitivity are affecting a huge chunk of Americans. But where do we exactly go wrong in our quest to maintain healthy teeth in order to enjoy that roasted steak or a cold drink in summer with no chills about sensitive teeth!

In my quest to find about teeth health and healthy living I went out for treasure hunting for information about our daily habits and the toothbrush contracted to do the cleaning job! How often do you brush? Are we brushing after every meal or at least twice a day? What type of toothbrush is in your bathroom? And can the choice of my toothbrush be detrimental to the health of my teeth

Electric Toothbrush
The modern electric toothbrush is a wonder of innovation, and it’s only improving.

The electric toothbrush is sensational! I know we love it despite the 200 dollar price tag for the high end markets. Let us break it down to what it can do and why should we spend a fortune on it!

How are they being improved?

But what exactly are these toothbrushes made of and how are they better as compared to the manual toothbrush. Well, there are many dedicated electric toothbrush researchers that have studied the effects and work hard to provide answers to that question.  For us to answer this question better, let us look at the various types of electric toothbrushes. We have the Power, Sonic and Ultra Sonic. Nowadays the sonic and ultra-sonic are more prominent. Moreover, Electric toothbrushes can also be classified into two categories according to the type of action that they employ that is vibrational or rotation-oscillation toothbrushes. First, let us look at the sonic toothbrush.

The Sonic toothbrushes like Sonicare, FOREO, and Oral-B have fast movements and higher amplitude thus produce vibration that is audible range thus the buzzing sound we hear during brushing exercise.

On the other, the Ultra sonic toothbrush is more silent. It uses ultra-sonic waves thus the name. Examples are the Ultreo and Megasonex. These toothbrushes are recommended for the efficient removal of bacterial chain remnant locked in our tooth enamel.

How Should the Public Use them?

So how should we use these toothbrushes? According to The American dental association it is recommended that with a vibrating toothbrush, one should brush like the normal non electric toothbrush but when using rotating-Oscillating brushes- brush slowly from tooth to tooth. Furthermore make sure to cover all the four quadrants of the mouth within a brushing time of 2 minutes 30 seconds

Remember that bad brushing habits like not brushing thoroughly, not brushing long enough or not brushing regularly can lead to cavities and gingivitis. Fortunately the electric toothbrush offers some solutions because it helps us brush for the correct amount of time, it is user friendly even for young children. Don’t forget to change you brush heads regularly make sure it is fully powered!