Making Your Art Digital with a Laptop

There is almost no difference between the art you make digitally and the art you make on paper. In fact, you can easily convert the art you make on paper to digital files, and this makes it easy for you to reach a bigger audience. With everyone going digital, you need not stay with paper art when you can sell online.

To get started, you need good quality laptops for design and art. Here, you only need good graphics and enough storage space. The art or design software will tell you the needed features.

Scan Paper Artwork

If you have your art on paper, you can convert the art into a digital file through scanning. There are different scanners for artists, and you only need to pick one that retains the color quality of the original work. After scanning, you can upload your art online for consumption and marketing.

Almost any computer will give you quality scans, but you will need good graphics if you edit your art after scanning. The audience needs to see a near-replica of the original art online. While you can change the lighting and contrast of the scanned art, ensure you do not alter the quality of your work.

With so many digital scanners, you need to pick the right size for your work, the right speed, resolution, and image quality.

Create Art on a Computer

The experience of designing art on a computer is the same as what you get creating art on paper. You need the same preciseness and skills to make art, but it is even more fun with a computer.

To get started, buy a good computer, with a good screen resolution to enhance preciseness. A 15-inch laptop will work just fine making a piece of art. Install the computer with the needed software including Photoshop and Paint among others.

Research well on the best art software before buying any. Learn how to use the art application ensuring that you use it efficiently to create the best art you can.

Some applications can be used to edit scanned art. This makes your art more appealing to your audience, thereby enhancing sales.

Market your Art Digitally

Creating art is one thing and selling it is quite a different aspect. When you create quality art, you do not struggle to sell it as prospects will reach out to you. Even then, you need an online presence that is well marketed.

There are many strategies that you can use to market your art such as art blogs and social media marketing. You can also link with other artists online or place your work in online art exhibitions. You will only need a few SEO tips to market your work. You can also hire an SEO expert to grow your blog.

Don’t procrastinate

If you haven’t gone digital already, it is time to do it. Get a good arts computer and a good scanner. You can also make digital art directly by investing in quality devices, and software, such as stylus pens and Wacom devices. Just choose one that enables you to produce the best digital art.


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