Incorporating Reiki Healing in Western medicine

Reiki is a non-invasive healing technique that enhances the body’s natural healing abilities. It fosters emotional, spiritual and mental well-being. Many people are beginning to accept complementary and alternative treatments. For instance, the west has embraced Reiki healers and their potential use in Western medicine. For those who are no longer interested in having a doctor to manage their symptoms, they have turned to Reiki healers. Today, many hospitals and clinics are offering Reiki as an alternative to conventional western medical treatments.

Medical doctors who have embraced the healing power of Reiki:

Dr. Mehmet Oz

REiki Healer
A Reiki Healer uses non-invasive techniques, and is becoming more popular in the states.

This is one of the most recognized doctors in United States thanks to his vast medical knowledge. Over the years, Dr. Mehmet Oz has connected with people on important health matters through his program “The Dr. Oz Show”. He has talked about how people have developed alternative therapies to treat their body, mind and soul in one of his episodes. Dr. Oz emphasized on Reiki energy healing. He said, Reiki can be used as a long-term preventive therapy. He believes, it boosts the patients overall health when used well. Dr .OZ considers the healing technique as a vehicle for the population well-being. He further stated that, he occasionally invites Reiki healers into the operating room to attend to patients who are undergoing heart surgeries.

Dr. Erin Olivo

According to an interview with Oprah magazine, the doctor stated that Reiki is helpful in stress-related symptoms and heart conditions.

Renowned western clinics that offer Reiki

Cleveland Clinic

This is one of the top medical centers in the US. The clinic offers Reiki to patients. It has been in existence for almost 100 years. The clinic has been on the forefront of Reiki influence in everyday health. Why the clinic has embraced the natural healing technique;

Reiki is a healing method that restores and balances the body natural energies of patients. Recent studies have shown that Reiki promotes the flow of electromagnetic energies in the body for overall well-being. The Reiki healer Sydney are the link between you and the source of the universal life force energy. The aim of the energy medicine is to reduce stress in body and mind. In addition, the different postures and techniques can be used by people of all ages. The energy flows from the practitioners hands to the patient. It’s believed that the healing technique complements all other types of therapeutic and medical treatments. Depending on your needs, you can use Reiki to work on your body, mind and emotions. However, the Cleveland Clinic does not use Reiki to treat a specific disease or condition.

The Mayo Clinic

The clinic believes that Reiki offers a multitude of benefits worth sharing. First, it’s used to comfort patients who are going through difficult times in their lives. Secondly, the technique is used to increase the overall energy and to stimulate the immune system. Research has shown that, Reiki helps to eliminate the different forms of pain. It’s also useful in emotional and physical aspects of pregnancy.

In a nut shell, Reiki has offered a non-invasive complement to western therapies. Many doctors have acknowledged Reiki healers and their potential use in Western medicine. However, both the scientific and natural healing techniques must be honored.