Do Drug Tests Test For CBD?

People who use CBD for medical uses are usually stressed over the issue of testing positive during a drug test. For those living in states where cannabis isn’t legalized yet, using CBD oil is a tricky issue.

However, if you’re using products that contain only CBD, you don’t have to worry about the tests. Drug tests mostly look out for THC, the active compound that alters the consumer’s state of mind.

Difference between CBD and THC

While both CBD and THC are extracted from the same plant, Cannabis Sativa, they differ in the way they influence the body and provide relief. THC is an active compound that will bind to your brain receptors, influencing your state of mind. CBD was thought to also bind to receptors, but it has been concluded that CBD actually doesn’t bind, but induces the body to use up its organic cannabinoids which are produced by the body. The result is alleviation of anxiety and induces relaxation, which may lead to heavy sleep.

Some CBD concentrates are derived from hemp, thus creating CBD-only tinctures. However, some companies derive their CBD products from marijuana; thus it will contain miniscule traces of THC. This THC will not influence your mind, and it is also too little to be traced by a drug test. Thus, it’s important to read the labels in order to know if it contains traces of THC.

Trace amounts

As stated earlier, most CBD products contain minuscule traces of THC, if any at all. According to Herb website, you would need to consume close to 2000mg of CBD daily for it to show up in drug tests. You may have to down an entire bottle of CBD oil to achieve this, and this isn’t recommended anyway. With recommended doses of around 200mg daily, your test will not pick it up. In the event that something is detected during a urine test, it will be ruled as a false positive that could be verified.

It’s best to stick with trusted CBD-only brands, for quality assurance. Some brands offer third-party lab results for transparency. This should put you at ease about any testing.

CBD half life

Since it has only been used for medical purposes just recently, there are few studies on how long CBD stays in your system. According to research, CBD on average takes about 3-4 days to leave your body completely. The estimated half-life is anywhere between 2-5 days.

Generally, it takes about 30 minutes for CBD to start working after consumption. The effects can last up to four days. When this 4-day window lapses, users tend to stop feeling the effects of CBD since its concentration in the bloodstream has reduced significantly. However, there are some trace amounts that will remain in the system. According to research, this trace amount is detectable with a test specific to CBD. Since drug tests check for THC, there was no detectable THC in the subjects’ blood after the 4-day window lapsed. This means that they passed the drug test.