Can I Use CBD Oil When Breastfeeding? We Take a Look at the Facts…

Deduced from the marijuana plant, CBD oil has gained such popularity and has become a go-to treatment for different ailments by most people. While there are lots of promising research around cannabidiol, it still hasn’t been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for use, and it’s important to consult your physician and start with a lower dose.

Research and studies have however shown that the oil has several benefits especially in the treatment of anxiety, pain, and depression including post-partum depression that most women experience after childbirth. But, can hemp oil be used by breastfeeding mothers?
To simply answer the question, there hasn’t been enough research that has been done to determine its use by breastfeeding mothers. There has been no scientific research that has been done on breastfeeding mothers who use CBD oil specifically or cannabis in general. This means that there is no known effects it has on newborns or infants.

The few studies that have been carried out have resulted in inconsistencies, and it is not known whether hemp oil can affect a baby negatively or in any way. It’s important to note that while cannabidiol is gotten from the same plant (marijuana plant) as THC, they don’t affect the same brain receptors and that CBD oil doesn’t cause any psychoactive effect that THC causes. As such, a baby whose mother uses marijuana while breastfeeding them may test positive for cannabis, and the pediatrician will usually report such cases to child protection services or the police.

Alternative for Hemp Oil in When Breastfeeding

Every mother wants a healthy baby. And while dealing with post-partum depression can be hard, it’s important that you first consult your ob-gyn or your physician. Although patients using hemp oil for depression have reported a significant improvement, there is no guarantee that it’ll for you considering that there is no known evidence if it’ll affect the neurobehavioral outcome in exposed babies.

As a mother who recently gave birth, in case you are battling post-partum depression or any type of pain, the best thing to do is talk to talk to your doctor or then a close relative who can try find you help. Antidepressants have been used for a long period of time and doctors can prescribe the right drugs to take that will not harm the baby when breastfeeding.

Besides, there has been a lot more research on antidepressants for instance, than there has been any significant research on hemp oil. You can also consider seeing a therapist for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions. This way, you can open up to someone who is qualified, and they can recommend the right treatment until you slowly get back to yourself.

Even with ongoing research, it’s important that you don’t jump to conclusions about CBD oil and start using them without any consultation. Your wellness and that of your baby are far more important and even if it’s important that you do everything necessary to be able to take care of your baby, don’t try hemp oil without proper consultation.