Can CBD Oil Make You Hungry and Give You the “Munchies”?

‘The Munchies’ is a known condition that makes you feel extremely hungry even if a few minutes back you weren’t as a result of consuming cannabis. The truth is, smoking marijuana usually leaves one hungry causing a strong appetite for food. However, that phenomenon has been less commonly observed especially with the consumption of CBD oil.

But why do most people ask whether cannabidiol can make them hungry? Simple. It’s a type of chemical compound that is found in the marijuana plant among other 120 compounds such as the THC cannabinoid. That means that using a CBD product will not result in you being hungry. However, marijuana usually leads to an increase in appetite because of the high THC concentration.

THC once consumed, binds directly to the CB1 receptor found in the endocannabinoid system. It, therefore, activates the CB1 receptor causing one to have an increased appetite. However, there are cases where some users have reported feeling hungry after using the products.

This is because CBD oil also contains a little amount of THC in it. While marijuana contains about 30 percent, cannabidiol contains only about 0.3 percent.

Also, unless you are taking very high dosages, it’s rare that one will feel hungry. There are, however, cannabis products that are neither ‘THC dominant’ or ‘CBD dominant’ hence have a balance of both cannabinoids. With such products, you will still be able to feel the hunger effect. The bottom line is, if there is THC in any product that you are taking and you take it above the recommended doses, you may experience increased appetite.

CBD Oil and Hunger

Although it may not directly influence the ECS and stimulate hunger, you might still get a healthy appetite for using hemp oil. This is because it helps people with anxiety and people who are less anxious can become more relaxed and open to eating. This is because cannabidiol interacts with the receptors in the brain and body that are in charge of the overall mood.

Cannabidiol is known to improve the mood of a person to the extent that they feel much better about ingesting more food. This effect for CBD oil can be a game changer for the many people who are dealing with different kinds of health conditions that inhibit their appetite considering that the appetite is usually the first thing to go when one becomes sick.

As we all know, it’s hard for your body to recover if it isn’t being fed with nutritious food. Besides, it’s also known to help with nausea and pain management which sometimes can leave people with a lack of appetite. By inhibiting such factors and boosting the overall mood, more people can benefit from the effects of hemp oil.

Remember, because of the high contents of THC in cannabis, you will not only become psychoactive but will get hungry really fast as well as an increase in your appetite. It’s less likely to make you as hungry, and THC does as it contains a very little amount of it.