Can CBD Oil Cause Anxiety? We Dive in to the Facts…

From studies, hemp oil is known to have little to no known side effects and is a much better option in the treatment of anxiety for most people who’ve tried it. Use of marijuana is what is known to cause anxiety and in worse cases, paranoia. Some people think that because cannabidiol and marijuana are derived from the same plant – cannabis – that they cause similar effects. This isn’t the case.
Cannabidiol doesn’t have the same amount of THC found in marijuana and neither does it cause the psychoactive effect that is associated with marijuana. Besides, the two also affect different receptors in the brain. Research and studies have found that using cannabidiol works to reduce anxiety by acting upon the serotonin pathways found in the brain. Serotonin is a chemical known for transmitting messages between the brain and the nerve cells and plays a key part in your overall wellbeing and mood.

Low serotonin is linked to anxiety and depression. Consuming CBD oil, on the other hand, is known to boost the production of serotonin and enhance signaling via the serotonin receptors. The extra serotonin helps to transmit a positive signal which reduces any anxiety or depression symptoms.

Anyone interested in using hemp oil in the treatment of anxiety should focus their research exclusively on cannabidiol and not the generalized research of medical marijuana. While there is need to conduct more research on the use of hemp oil in anxiety treatment, it’s also important to consult your physician before opting to use CBD oil especially if you suffer from any chronic illness or are using other medications.

More About Anxiety

Anxiety has become such a common condition that most people across the globe struggle with. Occasional anxiety is usually considered normal. However, when the thoughts start to spiral out of control, is when anxiety becomes a real problem. What exactly is anxiety?
Anxiety is considered a form of mental illness that includes obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)social anxiety disorder, panic disorder and general anxiety disorder. Each year, there are about 40 million Americans who get affected by anxiety. As such, it’s not a one-man-one-woman condition but affects lots of people. It’s characterized by feelings of worry or dread usually, over future happenings.

It’s entirely different from fear. Fears is a response to a perceived or real threat. Anxiety patients usually become overly worried, restless and uneasy and may result in insomnia, concentration problems, and tension in the muscles. There are different symptoms of anxiety that a doctor or therapist will usually notice and recommend treatment for.

However, medication for anxiety has been known to be physically and emotionally debilitating but tend to bring about unwanted side effects in patients including, decreased sex drive, oversedation and in other cases the onset of depression. As such, more and more anxiety patients have turned away from using prescribed pharmaceutical drugs and using the all-natural CBD oil for treatment of anxiety.

So, does cannabidiol cause anxiety? The short answer is no. Hemp oil doesn’t cause anxiety. In fact, research has shown that patients using CBD products for the treatment of anxiety have reported a significant drop in its management compared to using anxiety prescribed pharmaceutical medication.