The 5 Best CBD Oils for Anxiety and Stress (Updated 2020)

Most of us suffer from anxiety. However, the majority of people don’t even know they have anxiety attacks. An anxiety attack can be quite distressing and leave a person frustrated as it leaves one questioning the existence of virtually everything.

Anxiety is a term that’s used to categorize different disorders that result in feelings of fear, worry, and apprehension. As a result, it affects how people feel and behaves which ends up manifesting in the physical world.

While the majority of us have experienced anxiety from time to time – either before an interview, public speaking, exam, etc. – it is much more different for those that suffer from it as their day is comprised of feelings of worry and fear. Anxiety attacks can also be classified into different categories depending on the severity ranging from panic disorder to obsessive-compulsive disorder which, if not treated can be among the top causes of sleep disorder.

In recent days, Science and technology has made it possible for scientists to research on CBD oil – which has gained a lot of hype – with evidence showing that the oil has lots of powerful anxiety-combating compounds.

What then are the best CBD oils for anxiety that those suffering from anxiety attacks can buy? Our review lists some of the best CBD oils for anxiety that have been tried and tested.

1. Fab CBD Oil

Being relatively new in the market, Fab CBD oil seems to be one of the CBD oil products that users like. As a pretty young and hip brand, Fab CBD oil does care about its image and how their customers see them. Their website has consistent science-backed information showing they indeed understand what it means to create their range of CBD oils.

All their CBD oils are organic with products being sourced from the organically grown hemp in Colorado. Their extraction process involves a pressurized CO2 technology, placing them at the top of companies that produce a top-shelf CDB oil.

Their CBD oils also come in three different flavors – Natural, Mint, and Citrus so that their customers can choose the preferred flavor. Additionally, their products are also much more affordable than those of their competitors. They also sell a CBD chew and a joint and muscle topical cream. Their products are lab tested to guarantee optimum potency as well as usage safety.

2. Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is one brand that most people know and use. Besides CBD oil, they also manufacture different edibles such as gummies. However, their CBD oils are everything, and apart from its use in treating anxiety, it’s also a good product for the treatment of chronic pain and inflammation.

Their CBD oil is also available in four different sizes with the 4,000mg being the most expensive one in their product range. The CBD concentration content found in the Hemp Bombs makes its perfect product for sleep problems, bodily pain, and anxiety.

Unlike other CBD oils that have a bitter and harsh taste, Hemp Bombs has a better taste as the production process is different from that of most of the other CBD oils produced by other manufacturers. If you are battling chronic pain, it may be time for you to drop your painkillers and try the Hemp Bomb.

3. Sol CBD Oil

If you are looking for a CBD Oil that will help with your anxiety attacks and leave you feeling calm, consider giving Sol CBD oil a try. The company provides a range of awesome CBD products such as CBD vape oils and different kinds of tinctures.

This particular product is especially good for people who suffer from anxiety, inflammation as well as sleep problems. Its minty-grape flavor will help your body feel much better as it contains CO2 that has been extracted from hemp-derived CBD with their hemp having been sourced from the best organic farms in Scandinavia.

Apart from its products being non-GMO, they also don’t use products that have herbicides or pesticides. Their CBD oil goes through various stages of testing so that they can deliver quality products to their customers.

4. CBD Pure

One assurance that customers who use CBD Pure oil have is that their products don’t hit the market until they have been tested and approved in an FDA approved laboratory. If you are someone that is very particular about the products that you use, this should be a bonus and a great reassurance that the manufacturers have your best interest at heart.

They source their products from Colorado that is then used to make the CBD oils. Because their CBD oil contains a high concentration of the CBD, it is THC-free meaning you won’t have to feel the psychoactive effects of the cannabis. It’s an everyday supplement that lasts up to one month.

5. Nuleaf Naturals

Nuleaf Naturals made it to our list as one of the best CBD oils for anxiety based on its full-spectrum CBD quality. Its CBD oil is also quite superior compared with similar products in its line. Its manufacturing process combines CO2 extraction process and extensive lab testing among other factors.

The company also prides itself as it uses pure organic hemp oil that is gotten from whole plants that they grow are grown in licensed farms in Colorado. Because it is purely made from whole hemp plants, it has no available trace of THC or other chemicals or preservatives.
The company also offers its customers a wide range of dosages and has beneficial aroma molecules and other types of phyto-compounds that are meant to work in unison with CBD. The Nuleaf products also go through laboratory testing to ensure they are of good quality which boosts the trust with customers as they are a safe and natural pain reliever.
In addition, the company uses a two-step extraction process for their CBD oil that sets them apart by ensuring that no solutions are added in both steps. If you are shopping for a CBD oil that can get you started as a treatment for your anxiety attacks or pain, then try the Nuleaf Naturals.