9 Things to Look for in Pharma/Enterprise IS Support Company

Information technology support, especially for the pharmaceutical industry, is very complex.  It can sometimes be overwhelming when evaluating vendors or potential partners.  Here are 9 things you should keep in mind…

1. Size of the company

Most enterprise information systems or any other support companies come in all sizes and they have the ability to grow and solve as they support product increment. Make sure to be confident that the company will meet all needs you want based on the resources they have. Some enterprises or companies can help you with personal services. A corporate support company offers wider range of expertise. Just make sure you weigh the advantages and disadvantages before settling on any.

2. Region your company or enterprise cover

Define your business plan. If it is great, big and it involves moving across and into different countries, then look for a support system company that can cover all the regions you cover.

3. Level of support

Most Information technology support enterprises have a choice of service levels that mostly suit different budges and requirements. Some of them may include:-

  • Pay as you go support

This involves paying for an hourly rate which is mostly expensive option at the end.

  • Break fix support

This kind of support can also be charged hourly and can be paid in advance or after. This can also be offered on a fixed price contract such as insurance policy.

  • Managed service support

Here you allow your support company to actively manage your system reducing the chances of things going wrong.  This is the type of computer support by Prosyn, a UK based company.

  • Parts included support

This involves the support company fixing hardware problems at their own cost. It is quite expensive.

4. Guaranteed response time

In case of a problem with your network, the n the support company system are expected to offer a guaranteed response time. This varies depending on the level of support you are willing to pay for.

5. Dedicated account manager

This can only be possible if you have built a long term relationship with your support enterprise. They will know your plans and be able to ensure your accommodations. You can expect at least two permanent contacts which you can deal with.

6. Dedicated engineer

Try and make sure that you don’t end up having the same engineer all the time, but if it happens, try knowing why.

7. Training policy for engineers

With the most changing technology, it’s important for your support system company to train up to date. Get a support enterprise that follows certification programs which make companies make the hardware and software to be handled by business.

8. Help at anytime

Just make sure that the support enterprises have a number that they can be reached on anytime and anywhere just to fix their problems.

9. Response time

You should just make sure that you have a support company the responds to you anytime in case of trouble. This may also incur expenses depending on what level of support you are willing to pay.


Support Companies or enterprises help us much in our day today running of our business. Therefore, we should be more determined and ready for every support to make efficiency of our business. Support system is good, but we need to be wise while choosing them.